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Brooklyn Couple Thriving in Quarantine: Meet Blair & Dani

Brooklyn Couple Thriving in Quarantine: Meet Blair & Dani
Meet Blair and Dani, @twobridesarebetter, a Brooklyn based couple who have made the most of quarantine and its opportunities. We had the chance to ask them a series of questions about their ability to thrive and offer advice to other couples in these unprecedented times. 
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So I read your love story, you met in college! Tell me a bit more about that?

Yes, that’s right! Our story began with a rush! Dani rushed  and joined the same sorority as Blair, who was already a sister. We immediately hit it off and spent the next year becoming best friends. At Blair’s graduation, we shared our first kiss and have been together ever since!


By the way I loved the proposal story as well, I’m sorry your wedding was postponed. Did you face any obstacles in postponing it?

Thank you so much!! We had a lot of fun each planning the engagement, and the fact that it happened at the same time couldn’t have been more of a perfect surprise. The wedding planning process on the other hand, woof! We’ve had to postpone our wedding twice and have had three different wedding dates including our original plan for the West Coast. Rather than focus on what could have been,  we decided for our final save the update to hand dye t-shirts for our guests to help bring a smile to all of our faces.


What was the inspiration for the name twobridesarebetter?

Ever since we got engaged, we’ve been saying that two brides are better. Through all the obstacles we faced, we decided to create an Instagram account to help us refocus our perspective and embrace this journey.  


Do you share clothes with your partner? If so, do you feel like it brings you closer together?

We do in fact share a closet! However, Blair definitely raids Dani’s side all the time! Being able to share our clothes is one of our favorite aspects of our relationship. Dani has always loved finding clothes that fit her personality, so it’s no surprise Blair loves Dani’s clothes too.


What is your favorite clothing piece to steal from your partner?

To be honest, Blair does way more of the stealing! Her favorite thing to steal would probably be Dani’s shoes or hoodies or any clothes from socially-conscious brands.


Did you face any obstacles during quarantine, being around each other non stop?

We’ve definitely faced our share of bickers during quarantine. Blair works for a hospital in NYC and goes into work every day. We’ve really been looking forward to spending quality time together when Blair isn’t working.


What’s your favorite moment you shared together this year?

Hands down, our favorite moment this year was Halloween. Although it looked a little different this year, we still decided to dress up. We went as Sue Bird & Megan Rapinoe, one of our all time favorite couples!! It was really fun to dye Dani’s hair and recreate some of their cute photos.


Is there anything new you’ve learned about each other this year?

We’ve been together for nine years and have lived together for five, so most of the big mysteries have been uncovered! Dani learned Blair drinks more coffee than any single person on this planet. Blair learned that Dani has a hidden talent of perfectly parallel parking.


I’m a huge astrology nerd, what are zodiac signs, if you know them?

We’re both Cancers! Don’t know too much about astrology, but Blair has gotten very into reading tarot this year!


What are you listening to right now?

Dani LOVES making playlists! Some of our favs include: Charlotte Day Wilson, Khruangbin, The Japanese House & Kendrick Lamar.


What are you watching right now?

We’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to watch more shows and movies with LBGTQ characters. We’ve really enjoyed Haunting of Bly Manor, Normal People, Euphoria, Schitt’s Creek & Portrait of a Lady on Fire.


Favorite date spot in Williamsburg? Or could be anywhere in Brooklyn!

There are so many great local spots we love going to! For a more romantic date night Zenkichi is awesome! For trivia & more casual dining, we love Mekelbergs.


What’s some advice for couples who are quarantining together you’d like to share?

Make a schedule!! This has been a lifesaver for us. We schedule time for ourselves, as a couple, and even who gets to control the Apple TV 😊

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