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7 Ways to Style Your Wythe Tee

Oversized tee style
Our Wythe Tee is meant to be shared - whatever that means to you. Our fit compliments existing essentials our customers own. We focus on fit, comfort, and smart styling to bring a piece that stands out, yet fits in with your existing style. 
Need some inspo on how to style your Wythe Tee? Don't worry! We've come up with 7 ways to make your Tee stand out!
Oversized tee style tights
Your Wythe Tee as a T-Shirt dress! An essential for all wardrobes. Even pair it with tights on a windy day. Bonus points if they're distressed!
Oversized tee boots how to style
Elevate your Wythe Tee by slipping on some cowboy boots and accessorize with a bandana and sunglasses. A perfect way to meet your S.O. for brunch on Havemeyer.
best comfy tee on girl
Highlight your waist by slipping into a high waisted skirt; wear your Wythe Tee tucked or untucked; whichever is more you! Perfect for grabbing a Frozen Coffee from Skinny Dennis after work.
Boyfriend T shirt style
Tie it up! A trendy and versatile look for running errands. You never know who you will meet on your next stop at Wegmans.
Trendy oversized graphic tee
It's always fun to pair your Wythe Tee with a blazer, jeans, and a cool pair of shades to dress up that work from home look. A chic look for your social distance outings.
Biker short and oversized tee look
Show off your Wythe Tee when going to the gym or taking a spin on your Peloton. Pair it with bike shorts and sneakers; stylish enough for a quick Smorgasburg stop after a long workout.
Oversized tee style baseball girl
Steal his clothes! Kara is seen pairing her Wythe Tee with Matt's oversized jean jacket. With his baseball hat and her shades, Kara is ready for her first pitch!

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